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Always missing your data?

Keep track of every tiny change in your business without extra work

Looking for data errors in Excel
takes FOREVER?
Ragic can find them for you!

Ragic automatically keeps history of each entry, including its editors, content modifications, and time stamp.
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record history

Forget where you left off?
Well, Ragic doesn't!

Manage and supervise ALL your data and design changes in global panel.
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all data and design changes

Prefer the old design?
Restore it with a click!

Record every tiny change in your sheet design.
Unsatisfied with the current one?
Restore to its previous version with a click!
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restore to previous version

Auto backup: your all-time live saver

Ragic's Professional plan (or above) automatically runs daily, weekly, and bi-weekly data backup. No data loss, no cry.
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auto backup

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