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New tutorial videos in Ragic!

By Berrin Sun

We have recently renewed the tutorial videos in Ragic, with more to come! If you are new to designing database applications in Ragic, checking out these tutorial videos could be very useful for getting started in no time.

The most recent tutorial videos are:

1. How a Ragic database works

Displaying a Ragic database application, viewing information in a listing page, and detailed information in a form page.

2. Creating a simple Ragic application

Designing your first Ragic database application would be a breeze after watching this video.

3. Linking your Ragic sheets

Linking your Ragic sheets with an example: assigning employees to projects, and viewing all assignments' history.

You can find our tutorial videos on your start page from the "Learn Ragic" link on the top-right corner, or from your "Getting Started" tab in your account.

I am currently working on more videos about other linking options, planning to publish them very soon. If you want to view additional tutorials and tips, you can subscribe to our youtube channel.

Make sure to leave a comment to let me know about your tutorial requests!

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